What did you do this morning? “We packed and brought our bags in to school.”

“We did maths in school whilst Class 4 did SATs, for an hour and a half…”  Really?  “Yes, I don’t like maths.”

And after maths?  “We got into a line and walked to St. George’s House.”

“We played on the basket swing and stuff here.  And the wall.  And the zip wire.”

And then what?  “We came in here [the living room] to find out what we were doing and then we got ready, like, get our stuff ready for the, uh, canoeing?  Yeah canoeing.”

Did you enjoy canoeing?  “Yeah, I liked the dodge-ball thing.”  Why? “…because you got wet… I like getting wet.”

“Right, then we had to walk up the road, freezing, and change into our dry clothes.  The Pirates went in… not ‘Tubby’ but the other white one… no idea… can’t remember…”

“Then we drove home.  We got more play in the play-area and then… I think… we had lunch.”  What did you have for lunch, or was it dinner?  “Cheese sandwich… uh hold on… no, that was lunch.  After canoeing we came in and yes, we had… lunch.”

“We had pizza for dinner… which was very nice (I had seconds) with sticky toffee pudding which tasted excellent, and we got ready for our bedtime.  And then we had a teddy competition.  I didn’t have a Teddy but I was given Arnold by Matt.  Me, Joseph, Gracie and Ella didn’t have a teddy, we forgot, but I changed my mind from the bear to Arnold the Mouse.  We read the story which was ‘Pirate School’ and we had Hot Chocolate but I had hot Ribena with some Haribos  [Ed: That’s why he’s up?] …and then we got ready for bed and we got in to bed and we talked for ten minutes and then my group went to sleep and I was the only one awake…. and that’s how it all started.”

Got that everyone? (You’ll be tested next week.)

Want photos?