Next week is our end of year assessment week in class 4 and we will be doing our SATS (Standardised Assessment Tests) and ‘optional’ SATS from Mon to Thurs. The children in all year groups do these assessments at the end of every year, so year 6 won’t be doing anything different from any other year group, it’s just that year 6 is a bit more formal as we have to follow fairly strict guidelines for administration of the tests. Nearly all of the Year 6 tests are marked externally and the results are sent home to you and on to their next school, in addition to our own teacher Assessments.

Everyone in class 4 should be proud of what they have achieved this year and have nothing to worry about at all – in fact most years the children say afterwards it’s one of the easiest and enjoyable weeks of the year because we do so much P.E and D.T around the tests! This year we even have a day out in Ilfracombe planned for the Friday (with ice-creams!).

For your information:

Monday – reading test
Tuesday – Spelling, punctuation and grammar
Wednesday – Maths
Thursday – Maths

Hopefully the weather will be good so we will get out for lots of rounders and fresh air each day, and we will also be doing our major DT project for the year – boat building.

If anyone has any questions about the tests please come in and speak to me about it. Otherwise have a great weekend, and a good breakfast Monday morning 🙂

Miss Hill