I wonder what it’s like to sleep somewhere new, weird, odd, strange, possibly even worrying (…it’s not frightening.)
I wonder what it’s like to sleep on a concrete floor with only cardboard to make it comfy?

The Big Sleep In

The Big Sleep In

Shelterbox will be sharing a small presentation of what they do at St George’s on Friday evening, we’ll be watching an animated DVD of some choice and then we’ll try to get some sleep. (I’ve heard that there’s one Dad planning on sleeping outside!)

Hopefully, the families at school could help sponsor those families who are sleeping over.
Could we all raise enough for one shelter box… £550

Info from Mike Newbon…

  • The church will be open straight after school, so if you are making a cardboard shelter you can get in when you’re ready.
  • Shelterbox will be talking about their work when we all get together later.
  • The official time to meet up in church will be 7pm – enough time for a meal at home, but you may want to bring snacks etc. to keep you going through the evening.
  • We’ll watch a movie (probably an animation) before trying to settle down for the evening. Bring a quiet game if you wish.
  • On Saturday morning cereals and bacon rolls will be served for breakfast with tea and coffee available at any time from the church kitchen.
  • There are two small loos with small sinks at the back of the church so there are facilities for cleaning teeth but not really for a proper wash.
  • Think about bedding too – blankets? camp bed? foam camp mat? Cardboard mattress?
  • NB. Church heating will be off for most of the night.
  • Questions? > Call Mike Newbon on 890616