Today was the first Science Club for classes 3 and 4.

We played the piano, but as it was science we decided to challenge ourselves to see if we could create an electrical circuit so that we could use different pieces of fruit as the piano keys!

We played Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star….we managed to get the first part worked out 🙂

Although we figured out the next bit of the tune we needed to add another piece of fruit to create a higher note, luckily we found a pear in the fruit tray! 🙂

It was great fun experimenting to see how many different tunes we could create!

Everyone enjoyed having a play around with the MakeyMakey kit! We talked about why fruit conducts electricity and all the other scientific ideas behind how MakeyMakey works.

Lots of parents were taken over to the ‘piano’ to see what we’d been doing and were very impressed! 🙂