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Ahoy there  Bloggers, so sorry we haven’t posted a blog for a while but as you can tell from our title, we have been a bit ‘busy, busy, busy!!

We have been practising very hard for our Christmas Pirate Play, we are very excited for you all to come and see us ‘me hearties’ 😉

Tomorrow is our Christmas Coffee Afternoon and we have been making our games – please come into Class 2 and support all our hard work. We have got a ‘Tree Target, Snowman Surprise (that will remain a surprise until you see it ), Christmas Skittles, Super Rudolph, Christmas Fireplace and Moving Santa! We can’t wait to see you all, please bring some money 🙂

Class 2 are very excited about Christmas and Christmas card deliveries from the school postbox have just arrived.

Bye for now from the Pirates of Class 2, arghhhhhhh!

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