Spotlighted Site

MGBnet – Rivers site is on the Missouri Botanical Garden’s site and has easy to follow information on watersheds, streams to rivers and facts about rivers of the world….a great starting point for this topic.




BBC Rivers and coasts
BBC site with information on rivers and coasts, starting with ‘What is a river?’ and including the water cycle..

Channel 4 investigating rivers
Channel 4 has a small section on rivers, but it does have a good activity making a model of the water cycle….

SWGfL Rivers
Informative site from the SWGfL, specifically written to support geography work on rivers…….

Woodlands site – Rivers
A school site specifically set up to help children with projects on rivers, lots of information and easy to read …

National Geographic – Rivers
Good site from the National Geographic with, maps, video and photographs of different rivers etc…

UK Rivers Network
This site is no longer updated but there is still an interesting section on pollution in our rivers and photos with no copyright that can be used in projects.

Waterbusters game
This interactive game has been created by the Saving Water Partnership, Seattle, USA. Your mission is to find the areas around the house where they can save water, money and the environment…

MBGnet – Rivers
A great site from the Missouri Botanical Gardens on streams and rivers….

Thinkquest – all along a river
A site created by students for students with information on errosion etc as well as case studies…

American Rivers site
A really comprehensive site on US rivers but also has good information on features of rivers and some great photos…