Newsletter #385  What’s On!

For the week ending 21st July 2017

Class 1 Star Class 2 Star Class 3 Star Class 4 Star STAR OF THE WEEK!
All of Class 1 Ashley Baraniak Darcy Dallimore-Wright All of Year  

Thea Kennedy

Another tough year in choosing who the annual awards were going to this year… and this year was exceptionally tough as they are such an amazing bunch of children!

The School’s Spirit of Devon Award this year is awarded to Polly Hood!

The Endeavour Rose Bowl is awarded to Neo Thommen!

The Tony Fletcher Award is awarded jointly to Toby Wallis and Ollie Richards!


Thank you for another great year!  You’re all brilliant and play your part in making the school a vibrant, successful place where children are happy and do well with their learning.  It’s not all about data, tests and results (the children did so well with these too this year) but it’s about children developing confidence and self-esteem and growing up to be young adults who are honest, kind and responsible and, hopefully you agree, we’re doing well there too!


I hope you all enjoyed the Year Book that our Governors, Paul Trueman and Ali Smith, put together.  It really is a fantastic piece of work and it summarises many of the excellent things we do at school. (We have spares in the office!)  The school’s website has also transformed into a regular news feed of what we get up to as the Blog section of it gets updated almost daily, and hopefully you’ll notice these coming through either by email or through the school’s Facebook page.  Sometimes we just can’t shout loud enough or often enough about the amazing things that take place here!


Thanks to our Governors – they’ve done a huge amount of work over the year.  They’ve supported the school in many different ways and not just the easily noticed pieces of work but sometimes also the dry, mundane business that’s essential to us working so efficiently.  We’re so fortunate that they actually do this passionately, always striving for better outcomes, and provision, for your children.  Thank you!


FRoGS tipped us over the edge at the end of the year too with a record breaking Summer Fair, and there were no bouncy castles in sight either!  Huge thanks to Emma and Jackie for leading the gang of Prosecco Warriors… but also a massive thank you has to be mentioned to Sarah Tucker who completely destroyed any Raffle prize collection I’ve ever seen from any school Summer Fair!  Well done and thank you to you all, as the financial support you’re able to provide will very soon be able to replace the whole collection of laptops that are on their last legs.  Our staff, and our children, can’t express their gratitude enough!


Keep supporting FRoGS if you can please.  Join the committee, help out at events, but please don’t leave it to a merry band (it’s the Prosecco)of only 3 or 4 mums, as, being a small school, it works so much better with many hands helping out.  Thanks to those who regularly do; and there’s quite a few of you!


We’re all looking forward to the summer holiday and we’re all hoping for some excellent weather for it too, but possibly quite surprising to non-teaching folk, our staff are already looking forward, excited even, about coming back in September!  I’ve seen lots of eager tidying, resourcing, planning and Laura Ashley display bordering (yes, honest!) and they’re all talking about what they’re looking forward to doing over the summer ready for the next term.  It really is testament to the hard work and dedication of our school staff, and I’m sure everyone in our community would join me in saying how grateful we are – Thank You!


If you’ve any time that you could offer us at school, we’d be extremely grateful.  We would love people to hear children read, but maybe you’re quite handy at DT, art or a specific sport and could offer help ad hoc or regularly even?  Please come chat to one of us about any time you have free and we’ll apologise in advance for biting your hand off!


With all the support and the hard work of the adults and the children at school, we’re really quite pleased with some of the data we’ve been collecting in…

  • Reception’s total Points Scores were 35.4 (2016’s National’s was 34)
  • 94% of our Year 1 children gained the Expected Standard in the Phonics test (2016’s National was 81%)
  • Key Stage 1 Maths and also children ‘Working at Greater Depth’ in Year 2 look to be great this year, but we don’t yet know National data to make a good comparison.
  • The final assessment point at Primary is the SATs in Year 6 and these were brilliant too – better and improved Scaled Scores across the board and 100% of our children achieved the tough, Expected Standard in Maths.

So yes, the data helps us to be proud of the hard work our children put in, but it’s the whole operation around them – the staff, volunteers and lovely community we live in – all help make the school what it is… and it makes me proud!


Have a great summer everyone… see you on the beach!

Mr Thomas


After many years of working in Stepping Stones Rhonda Day, Lorraine Upward & Nikki Hulme have decided to move on to pastures new.  The school would like to wish them well in their future adventures.

We also have several other leavers through the school, including Miss Ellis and Mrs Wise too.  Good luck and thank you for all the hard work you’ve put in!


Gething house for long term rent in Croyde, they would like it to offer to rent to local families 4/5 beds Tel 07976 320445 


Please use the summer holidays to completely rid head lice and stop them from returning to the school – I’m sure we’d all appreciate a little respite from them!


In line with rising costs of produce and staffing, and also in line with other schools, we are having to increase the price of a school meal in September to £2.20.

For the same reason, we are also having to increase the afterschool & breakfast club prices from September. Breakfast club will be £3.25 and After school to £6.50.  We have an additional late collection charge for pick-ups after 5.00pm of £5.


Hoping for a good summer…
I saw something quite nice online called #GetOutide by the Ordnance Survey people about getting outside and enjoying the summer.

Some usual stuff like

  • Rock pooling
  • Stream stomping (I’ve yet to explore Manning’s Pit?!)
  • Pooh Sticks
  • Cycling the Tarka – our kids enjoyed it didn’t they?!
  • Scavenger Hunt – a printed ‘find this’ sheet, or a ‘How many red things can you stick to this piece of selotape?’
  • I loved the idea of the Selfie Treasure Hunt where the player tries to find the location! Could by large scale; whereabouts in Braunton, or small scale; a specific part of Croyde beach? Could be a tough one that one!
  • But of course, please, please, please keep up the thoughts behind the #2minutebeachclean in not just littering our lovely environment, but looking after it too!





 Dates for your diary

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