Spotlighted Site

NRICH problem solving is a great site by the NRICH maths team designed to improve children’s ability to THINK in maths. Each month there is a range of challenging and fun problems and puzzles for every age and ability and children are invited to send in their solutions – the best get featured on the site!


Nrich Problem Solving
Excellent site by the nrich maths team with hundreds of maths investigations and problems split into KS and given a star rating for difficulty. Each month a range of problems are set and children are invited to send in their solutions, the best are then featured on the site.

Cool Maths Games
Hundreds of great maths games….

Count On
Fantastic maths site with a range of games (who wants to be a mathonaire is great fun) and an explore section with problem solving activities. The News link goes to an interesting newspaper section called ‘the Sum’ with maths news from around the world.

Fun Brain Maths Arcade
Good maths games site. You have to log in but it is free to join.

Puzzle Maths
Channel 4 site with some challenging maths puzzles and games for KS2.

 Murderous Maths
An interesting site based on the books of the same name. Lots of puzzles and games as well as tricks to stun and amaze your friends with!
Lots of different games all to help with multiplication and learning your tables…

Cyber Kidz – Maths
Maths games split into topics and ages from 5-11yrs.

Maths games online
Maths games split into topics, there are quite a few ads on this site but it has good games and most of the links are up to date.




BBC Bitesize
BBC revision site for KS2 split into number, shape and space, and data handling with activities, tips and quizes on each topic.

Woodlands Junior
School site with a comprehensive range of games and activities to improve your maths skills, split into the key topic areas.

Maths Mansion
Channel 4 site where you are trapped in a gothic mansion until you can creack the maths codes. Based on the TV adventure game and aimed at 9-11 yr olds.

BGfL Maths Booster
Birmingham Grid for Learning Booster site with games and activities for KS2 revision on a range of topics.

Super Maths World
This maths site is mainly aimed at secondary but there is a ‘kids’ section for primary. Although you need to subscribe to get all the activities, 2 or 3 different ones are available free each time you enter as a guest.

Maths Champs
This great maths games site from Pearson that has games split into 3 age ranges from Reception up to year 6. Practise key skills and have fun at the same time.

Several parents have recommended this site as a real help if you are looking for some fun but helpful maths for your child to be doing regularly. You do have to subscribe but there is a free trial period to have a go before commiting.