Welcome to Class 1

Welcome to our class! In Class 1 we teach children in Reception and Year 1.  Our Reception children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and our children in Year 1 begin to follow the National Curriculum for Key Stage 1.  Details of these can be found on the National Curriculum page.

Here you will find useful information about Class 1 including information on how the children learn, our reading scheme and ‘Topic of the Term’, Home Learning and links to the Year 1 Key Instant Recall Fact-sheets to help your child practise maths outside of school.  If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact Miss Ellis, the Class 1 teacher.

In Class 1, we enhance the learning experience for children by using a holistic cross-curricular approach to learning. We engage children using topic themes such as “Dinosaurs”, “Under the Sea” and “Explorers” and use questioning to develop the children’s understanding.

We develop a strong foundation in Phonics by following the DfE’s ‘Letters and Sounds’ scheme and the interactive programme called ‘Big Cat Phonics’. The children use their understanding of Phonics to develop both their reading and writing skills.  They are given many opportunities to read a large range of different reading books, including fiction and non-fiction. The children have access to good quality reading books on a daily basis, both in school and for home. What the children may not realise however, is that they are developing their reading skills all of the time in school, not just by sitting down to read a book but through everything that we do!

In Class 1, the children are encouraged to develop their Mathematical thinking through exploration in practical activities and discussion. The skills that the children are developing on a daily basis are:

  • accurate counting, placing numbers in order and identifying more/less than a given number
  • solving addition, subtraction, doubling, halving and sharing problems
  • identifying and describing 2D and 3D shapes
  • ordering items by length, height, weight or capacity
  • observing and describing patterns
  • beginning to use language related to money and time

Topic of the Term


This term, our topic is ‘Food and Farming’ where we will be learning all about different food, animals and how farming has changed over time. We will be exploring a range of stories based on farm animals and food, looking more closely at where food comes from. We are hoping to visit a farm and possibly have a few other trips out and about too! Our role play area this term is our very own Farm Shop! If you have any food packaging that you could bring in to add to our shop that would be great – the healthier the food the better! 🙂



Home learning in Class 1

READING.  Each week we will send your child home with a pack of books to read and enjoy with you.  We encourage the children to practise reading these books a number of times and, just as important, to talk about the books that they read. The books that your child takes home are in addition to the reading your child engages with every day in class through exploration and learning as well as more formal reading sessions. Your child will have a Reading Record which is for adults (both at school and at home) to write comments in about your child’s reading.

Reading should be an enjoyable time for both you and your child so please allow your child to take their time when reading and read little and often.

When sharing a book with your child, it is important that he or she can enjoy and understand in detail the story being read.

In addition to decoding the words, your child should be beginning to be able to:

  • talk about the story; identifying main events
  • ask questions about the story
  • look carefully at the pictures; discovering clues and noticing detail
  • relate to the characters; discussing character feelings
  • notice patterns in the story; finding repetition in the words
  • … but … most importantly … Enjoy!

LETTERS AND SOUNDS.  At the beginning of the year, your child will be sent home with a set of letter cards to bring to school each day. The letters that the children learn in school will be added to the pack as they learn them, so that they can practise their letter recognition at home as well as at school! Please feel free to allow them to practise writing these letters in their Home Learning books. J

HOME LEARNING CHALLENGES.  At the start of each week your child will be given a ‘Home Learning Challenge’ in their green Home Learning book. The task may be linked to their class topic or it might focus on letters and sounds, tricky words or an area of maths. The home learning challenges will be fun and examples of great Home Learning will be celebrated with the class at school. I hope the challenges will enable you to feel involved with your child’s learning at school!

Extra Information

SCHOOL UNIFORM AND BOOK BAGS. All children need to wear named school uniform and will need to bring in a named PE kit. In your child’s PE kit there needs to be: a t-shirt, shorts, spare socks, trainers and trousers (optional). PE kits stay in school and are sent home each half term for a wash. Children need to bring in the red Georgeham School book bag each day, with their reading packs inside and a named water bottle (filled up with water only each day). These book bags are the correct size for our unit where they are kept so we would appreciate no rucksacks being sent in.

WOW MOMENTS! At the beginning of the year you will find some ‘Wow Moments’ inside your child’s reading pack. These are for you (or Grandparents/other adults) to fill in at home. Examples of these ‘Wow Moments’ could be if your child receives a swimming badge, cycles for the first time or is brave and conquers their fear, e.g. rock climbing etc. We will celebrate these moments in class and display them in the classroom. Any additional photographs of your child’s learning would be really lovely to see!

PROMOTING INDEPENDENCE. We like to encourage the children to be as independent as possible. We encourage the children to ‘have a go’ at trying things themselves first before asking for help, e.g. doing their buttons, getting changed for PE and going to the toilet (remembering to wash their hands)!



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