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Year 5’s boosting…

Another booster session with year 5s this morning where we recapped how to do division by chunking it away. We started with 452 cubes and they were very quickly bored of repeatedly taking away 3... How about taking away 30, or 60 someone asked! 😁 Brilliant... how about a whole 300?! We also reviewed some of our writing and worked [...]

We Are Adventurous!

Happy St. Georges Day of course! Thanks to Pete in Putsborough Close for the flag, to Rob Tucker for the rope, and thanks also to Paul Trueman for lending us your ladder and keeping me safe whilst rethreading the pulley! Yep, adventurous! What a Community - encouraging one another and building eachother up. :-)

St George’s Day

First job of the day was to make tea, but the milk wasn't yet delivered... Second job of the day was to put string through the flagpole's pully, but my extended step-ladder isn't tall enough! Anyone care to bring a ladder to school and hold the bottom for me?

Spring break…

Hope everyone's had a great break!... could you cross fingers for continued weather please?! See you tomorrow morning for the 8.55 bell. I'd mention suncream, but I also need to mention a (named) waterproof as well please!

Easter… break?

We've been busy at school this week. Mat Turner has almost finished building our new PE shed. It's made bespoke, to fit the awkward space we have at the back of school and will be great to store equipment in an orderly way, and also now in a dry shed! We've also had some extra work on our IT system, [...]

What’s on w/e 5.04.19

Whatson 432.pdf

“Super 6’s” Golf…

It was cold, windy and even a bit wet at times, but the group who went to Saunton Golf Club this afternoon and took part in the Super 6's Competition had a brilliant time. We played in pairs around a smaller course of 6 holes; 3par each. If you had a perfect score (is there golf terminology for that?) then [...]


Thank you to all the parents who completed our annual school survey which was available during parent evenings at the end of March. For the first time we are trialling a 360 degree approach - asking parents, staff, governors and pupils broadly the same questions about the school so we can develop a really clear idea of where you all [...]

ANZAC Bake Off in Classes 1 and 2

Classes One and Two had a great day making ANZAC Biscuits as part of our Australian Topic. These biscuits were originally sent out to the New Zealand and Australian troops in Gallipoli. They are really delicious and we hope you enjoy them at home!

Projector’s gone again…!

Ah, come on...!  The projector's gone wrong again! Anyone know someone who can fix it please?