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Stepping Stones and the Jet Ski…

We cannot thank Phil from the RNLI enough for his exciting and insightful visit to Stepping Stones this morning. Not only did he take the time out of his day to visit us, he really did an excellent job of making it fun, interesting and engaging for the very young ages that he was presented with. Thinking ahead Phil sent [...]

Stepping Stones Take Off…

A huge apology to the Stepping Stones parents and carers. You may witness some signs of Jet Lag this weekend and we fear it may be our fault. You see, we have covered a lot of miles this week. On Tuesday we got on a plane and flew to Africa for safari. This trip included an in flight snack, which [...]

Building bridges…and stories!

Last week in Stepping Stones we explored bridges and this led to a huge array of activities. We talked about bridges and their uses. We built bridges out of lego, duplo, blocks, junk modelling. We also explored the 'Billy goats Gruff' story. It was a great topic and the children built some fantastic structures and started some amazing conversations. During [...]

Step aside Jack…Peter Pan is NOT finished yet…

Hello and welcome to another Stepping Stones blog post, being sent to you all the way from Never Neverland. Since our last post the plan was to move on from the Peter Pan theme and start exploring Jack and the Beanstalk. However, it appears that Mandy, Harriet and I are far better at channeling our inner Pirates/Crocodiles than we are [...]

Stepping Stones go to Never Neverland…

It has been a very exciting couple of weeks at Stepping Stones as we have converted both the classroom and the forest area into Never Neverland. Looking at the story of Peter Pan as part of our 'near and far' topic, there hasn't been any time for a dull moment. Pirates, magic pixie dust, ticking crocodiles and mermaid lagoons have [...]

It’s getting Christmassy!

We hope you'll agree that that was a lovely Coffee Afternoon last week. A great atmosphere with children's own creations of game or stall, all collecting money for Children's Hospice SW. We've also made some decorations for St. George's Christmas tree in the church... We'll see you at Friday's assembly at 2.45, or perhaps 3.15 for pick-up the end of [...]

A snowman is born…

 j Hello and welcome to our Stepping Stones Winter Wonderland. We have it all going on at the moment. As you can see, Christmas is in full swing and we have been hard at work preparing for the festive events that are upon us. Mainly we have been immersed in getting ready for our upcoming nativity which takes place this [...]

Lest we forget…

A very poignant Armistice Day service at St. George's Church this morning. Our children's poppies were very gratefully received by the community and many people remarked at how beautiful they are.  Some even spotted the 11 purple poppies painted by our Stepping Stones children, representing the estimated 11 million animals that died during the war. Lucy Rinvolucri and Sarah Tucker [...]

How are you feeling today?

It’s been a fairly dark and drizzly time outside this week which has given us plenty of time to sit with the children of Stepping Stones and talk about this week's topic, feelings and behaviours. Let’s face it, it’s not always easy talking about what’s going on inside, but that’s ok and that’s what we’ve wanted the children to understand. [...]

Come and let your colours burst!!!

When we explained to the children that we wanted them to dip sponges into paint and water and throw them at the side of the Stepping Stone building, you can imagine their hesitant little faces. Naturally, we don't go about our every day business behaving in such a way. However, as Katy Perry so boldly sang once...'You're a firework...come and [...]