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Sports’ Day…

What a lovely afternoon's Sports Day! First, there was tea & cake. Thank you to all those who made, brought and helped, as our Stepping Stones' FROGlets made an excellent total of £186.92 to help fund things for our little ones! Then there were the Family Group Challenges with children helping and supporting each other in team events [...]

Sweet summer vibes…

We have been faced with the challenge that the summer sun brings with it...the heat! For the last week we have been doing our best to keep the little ones happy, entertained and comfortable without letting the rising temperatures get to their little heads! Especially as our numbers are picking up, the room is getting fuller. We've tackled this by [...]

Planes, trains and giant nests!

This week has absolutely flown by...literally! We have been talking a lot about different modes of transport and travelling. We chose this topic based on an interest the children were showing in vehicles last week. Despite being mildly side-tracked due to getting a few things ready for Father's Day (shhhhhhh!) we have had lots of fun and been on lots [...]

Welcome to our bug hotel…

If you thought Hotel Transylvania was creepy then think again! The critters of Stepping Stones have been hard at work, searching and foraging to find the perfect items to build their very own Bug Hotel. It was evident before breaking up for half term that we hadn't quite exhausted the 'Bug' topic and building these hotels with the children just [...]

Vets, pets and a whole lot of mess!

​​​​After noticing quite a lot of role playing amongst the children over the last couple of weeks involving conversations about pets we decided to turn the home corner into a veterinary surgery this week. This has been extremely popular! We have had a reception area, a waiting room and a vets surgery. We have absolutely loved getting down on the [...]

Stormy Seas and Forest Trees…

The last few weeks at Stepping Stones have been super busy and this week makes no exception. There has been so much role playing going on amongst the children and it has been wonderful to stand back and listen to the conversations that have been going on. In particularly, we have had a couple of extended learning sessions in which [...]

A lovely morning with class one and stepping stones!

On Friday morning, Stepping Stones came in to visit class one. The class one children performed a song to Stepping Stones, and then we all made our own shaker instrument! We came back together at the end to play the song together and use our shakers! It was great fun! :)

Stepping Stones ‘Under the Sea’…

We have had a fantastic week back at Stepping Stones after the Easter break. With our new topic ‘Under the Sea’ we have have loads to talk about and explore. At the beginning of the week we made play doh from scratch and the children absolutely loved this. We were very impressed at how they all sat and listened to [...]

At last! Spring has arrived…

It’s been a peculiar couple of weeks for Stepping Stones with lots of changes, however it definitely feels like things are starting to take shape. :) Last week we started to talk about Spring and the children have absolutely loved group discussions about what happens during Springtime. We have had lots of stories to support the topic, have been practicing [...]

Outdoor learning

Stepping stones have been making the most out of the sunny weather. We have taken the opportunity to take our learning outside in the beautiful sunshine!