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Times Tables Rock Stars’ Wrangle…!

We've got some photos back from the Tubes Table Rock Wrangle! Lots of Owen air-guitaring too! ... It was such a good event and extremely inspiring for the children to see what the top school and overall winner were able to do!


Well done to all the guitarists who took part in yesterday's assembly. It was lovely - keep working hard! Thank you Gary for the great job you do.

Biking Day… 🚴🚵🚴

Yet another successful bike riding day! ...Only a couple of grazed knees and chains fallen off, but altogether an amazingly good day! The Bideford Bunch got there in good time and enjoyed lunch on the beach at Instow. The Fremington Frenzy was a HUGE group but it really worked well this year with amazingly considerate children and helpful parents too. [...]

School Bike Day – In School!

We have had a fantastic day at school today! We started off learning the 'Bike Safety Boogie' ( and we made 'Bike Safety' posters, to help us remember how to stay safe when cycling. We then took to the playground on our bikes! We practised peddling in straight lines and whizzing around cones. We also played a game of relay [...]

Sports’ Day…

What a lovely afternoon's Sports Day! First, there was tea & cake. Thank you to all those who made, brought and helped, as our Stepping Stones' FROGlets made an excellent total of £186.92 to help fund things for our little ones! Then there were the Family Group Challenges with children helping and supporting each other in team events [...]

Sports’ Challenges…

A wonderful hour this morning and the sun went behind some clouds which was a lovely relief! Today's Sports' Challenges is a pre-event to our Sports' Day, and is set to the Junior Athletics Union's timings and distances... children had an hour this morning to complete various events such as throwing, triple jump and hurdles. Gold, Silver and Bronze certificates [...]

Sports’ Challenges…

A pre-event to the Sports' Day, is today's 'Sports Challenges.' Set to Athletics timings and distances, children have an hour this morning to complete various events such as throwing, triple jump and hurdles. We have shade, shelter and water stops and hopefully parents would have sent children in with sun cream as they have been doing recently. Sports' Day on [...]

Essex meets Braunton…

The Essex Dance Company bring their group over to North Devon every year for their week-long dance extravaganza. This week, Class 3 were treated to many dances and were challenged to learn and perform a few sequences of their own too. Hopefully, the video clips work!

BLC Cricket Tournament…

Update later! But here's Oscar so far: It's been fun today and we won one match so far and lost three at the moment. It’s also been hot. We played well but we've let a few points through. It has been tiring and some of the matches have been hard. Probably the hardest was Caen; they scored 20 and we [...]

Our Open Afternoon…

Thanks to those who came this afternoon... We know there's only a couple of weeks left until we break up but we thought it would be nice to offer an opportunity to look round the school, see what it was like in your child's classroom and to see what they'd done over the year. Lots taking place - here's a [...]