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Elsie’s Poem…

We received a lovely letter today from Young Writers UK, informing us that we've got an entry being put in to their Rhymecraft book coming out in February entitled, 'Future Poets.' It's lovely to hear that Elsie Lambert's poem about her new brand new kittens, made it through the selection and will be published in their book! Congratulations Elsie! Winning [...]

Class 3 has Bugs!

Sunday's Scuttle Bug is a piece of art - whether it scuttles down the hall well is something yet to be tested!

Our piano recital 🎹

Janean's pianist group did a lovely recital for their parents and school this afternoon. One handed, two handed with chords, four handed (with the assistance of Janean) and ALSO some singing at the same time.  It was lovely... thanks Janean for all your hard work over the past few years. Good luck with the move too! (I'm sure Pete Cox [...]

Pride of School Day 3…

It was lovely to see so many of our parents, Governors and staff come in to decorate our school this weekend. What a brilliant day! Class 3 had a repaint over the summer and it looked so good with its 2-tone grey that our Governors decided to call a 'Pride of School' Painting Party for the entrance area of school.  [...]

Children In Need 2017

It was fantastic to work with class 2 and class 3 today to think about why we raise money for Children in Need. We thought about what we would like our pound to go towards. Here are some of the suggestions: Joel-"I would like my pound to give everyone a warm cosy home, I know a pound won't be enough [...]

Shady work…

A lovely, if not a funny afternoon, of making shadows. Sadly I didn't manage to capture their faces as they went outside and found their shadows didn't line up with this morning's!   There is the one misconception in the photos below; I wonder if you can find it?

Light and shadows…

It's sunny outside... let's use the opportunity quickly whilst we can to see what happens to our shadows!  Wonder what they'll look like at 1.30... and at hometime?!

Are we at the estuary yet?

Martha has decided this is going to be the title of her poem about the journey of the River Lyn! Class 3 were very lucky with the weather yesterday and we enjoyed a beautiful walk down the river to Lynmouth looking at the features of a river and how it shapes the land. A really big thanks to Josh and [...]

Kitty’s spotlight

Class 3 enjoyed an interesting spotlight yesterday when Kitty showed us how to make a saltwater powered model car. I think there will be quite a few children who will be hoping for one in their stockings this year! :-)

Our Open Afternoon…

It's lovely to have our parents come and have a look around the school, seeing their children active and learning and finding out how the classroom works, rather than hearing about it, or not (!), over the dinner table. Thanks for coming! ...And a perfect opportunity to spread out lost property out, and offer the use of our Sharpie Pen!