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Class 3 take the first steps to Wimbledon!

Class 3 had a fantastic morning working on their tennis skills this Wednesday morning at the Tarka Tennis centre. One of the games was 'Beat the teacher' and we had quite a few winners ☺️ The class were great at supporting and encouraging each other and we really did improve our skills over the course of the morning. Well done [...]


​Class 3 made a REAL cloud and made it rain too! Have a listen to their comments on our video! ​


Class 3 had their first proper handwriting session today. Properly, fully cursive with lead-ins and joins too.  The class liked it so much they asked for sheets to take home!  I just love it when children ask for homework! There's a big variation of pencil grip in our school, and this is something that we'll need to focus in on.  [...]

Lee Bay BioBlitz

Class 3 and class 4 had an awesome day at Lee Bay taking part in a BioBlitz to try and record the range of species found in the area. We had the chance to do some rock pooling and pond dipping. We also learnt how to identify different trees and how to use a microscope. It was a fantastic day with one child saying “just when I thought I’d done the best activity, the next one is even better”. The staff and volunteers were so helpful and informative. A big Thankyou to Emma and Nora for coming along to help on our trip. Everyone seemed to have such a great day, same again next year please 😀 […]

Imogen’s Story Came SECOND!

Brilliant news everyone... Imogen's story entitled 'The Journey Home' was judged by Emma Carroll and Michael Morpurgo in the Arvon Totleigh Barton Short Story Competition and came in SECOND! "Emma Carroll was funny and down to earth. It was a treat as we have previously read some of her books aloud, so it was really meaningful meeting her in person!" "She [...]

Danny, Champion of The World…

After reading the story over the term, we fully know that Danny's father will be perfectly safe, will get pulled out of the deep trap and will get away from that horrible Hector... but goodness, it's edge of the seat stuff seeing it on film! Everyone's gripped; we have hair being pulled, arms over heads, and jumpers over faces! Fun! [...]

Welcome to Mrs Ivall and Miss Smale!

Welcome to both Karen Ivall and Emily Smale to our lovely school! You may have seen Mrs Ivall collecting Class 3 from the playground occasionally these past two weeks... but Miss Smale had her first afternoon with her class and children today in our school's 'Shift-Up Afternoon.' Shift-up afternoons give a great opportunity for our children to see and experience [...]

Us: Essex Dancing!

Our year 2s, 3s and 4s had a fun session this morning at Braunton School where Essex Dance Theatre gave us a brilliant show and then taught us the routine to Bruno Mars' Millionaire. "It was so cool!" said Abigail. "Their dancing was amazing, I want to try to do it again!" said Josie.

Class 3 at The Mix…

Babcock's music service held a dedicated Northern Devon 'Mix' this year in the lovely gardens of Tapeley House. The Mix provides children with a range of performances and workshops and they come away, hopefully, inspired to try something new! Hundreds of children got together for the Big Sing - Beatles' With A Little Help - in our first workshop.  Missing [...]

Memory Skills in Class 3

For the first part of the morning we talked about ways that we could improve our working memories. We learned about the difference between visual and auditory memory and discovered skills that can make us remember more effectively. We played a visual memory game and followed verbal instructions that got more complicated. Everyone decided that they learned a [...]