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BLC Football Win!

A slow burning start with a few worrying moments and some team talks needed about silly mistakes that should have been drilled out by now... But... Georgeham won the Learning Community's Football Tournament! An amazing afternoon clawing back and working perfectly together showed that our small school really does play towards huge horizons, albeit muddy ones. Some amazing players and [...]

Looking for inspiration for what to do on a wet weekend??

We've just updated the art and design page in our learning resources area, so take a look if you need a bit of inspiration for what to do on the next rainy day this half term!  

Class 3 & 4 Dance

This term classes 3 & 4 have been working on dance with Mrs Evans. On Wednesday we finished our unit by performing our dances to each other. Class 3 have been doing Ancient Egypt, and were working on dancing in unison and cannon for their performance...  Class 4 have been doing Vikings and were working on changing tempo from [...]

BLC Swimming Gala…

Class 3 and 4 had a great time at Ilfracombe pool this morning and were well on form cheering our swimmers in the lane we managed to blag - right in front of us. Lots of questions came at us adults, such as, "What stroke am I doing?", "Which lane am in?", "How many lengths?" and "Can I have my [...]

Our Dance project…

Class 3 & 4 have been dancing the past few weeks up at the village hall with local teacher, Rita Evans. The children have choreographed thier own short pieces based on their class topics; class 3's Egyptians and Class 4's Vikings. You may be able to see some Egyptian looking moves in the photos?!

Class 3 Egyptian Day

Class 3 had an interesting visitor yesterday morning in our Ancient Egyptian workshop. Howard Carter came in to tell us all about his discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb in the Valley of the Kings. We had to solve an Ancient murder mystery and decide who had killed him - the most likely suspect was his uncle (the innocent looking Theo) who [...]


Class 3 learnt that the light shone off Joel's face, off the mirrors through our periscopes and came in to our eyes - meaning we could see him even whilst we were under the table! Fin also discovered that you could use two and even three together!

Elsie’s Poem…

We received a lovely letter today from Young Writers UK, informing us that we've got an entry being put in to their Rhymecraft book coming out in February entitled, 'Future Poets.' It's lovely to hear that Elsie Lambert's poem about her new brand new kittens, made it through the selection and will be published in their book! Congratulations Elsie! Winning [...]

Class 3 has Bugs!

Sunday's Scuttle Bug is a piece of art - whether it scuttles down the hall well is something yet to be tested!

Our piano recital 🎹

Janean's pianist group did a lovely recital for their parents and school this afternoon. One handed, two handed with chords, four handed (with the assistance of Janean) and ALSO some singing at the same time.  It was lovely... thanks Janean for all your hard work over the past few years. Good luck with the move too! (I'm sure Pete Cox [...]