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Wow! It’s a dragon inside the egg! 😯

What an exciting Friday morning we had in Class 2 today . A dragon hatched from the egg that Miss Summerville found out on a walk last night. The children waited patiently for the egg to hatch but it didn't actually happen until after play, even though Mrs Cooper went into the cupboard and saw a crack just before play. All [...]

Year Two Sleepover!

A big well done to Year 2 for an excellent sleepover! Enjoy the photos! ​

Our Amazing World!

We had an excellent day today, walking from Lee Bridge, down to Lee and then on to Bennett's Mouth and up to Mortehoe - just under four and a half miles! The weather made it a perfect day to appreciate our local environment. The hedgerows, woods and meadows were teaming with flowers; it was stunning! We had fun following the [...]

SATs – the low-down…

SATs 'Standardised Assessments Tests' are used for multiple reasons; what they are NOT however, is something that you may recall from when you did your exams at the end of secondary school! Here's the low-down on SATs - hopefully all you need to know, but do come and ask us questions! SATs are tests that cover aspects of the curriculum [...]


We had so much fun at our first Construction Club yesterday! We discussed the themes that the children wanted to focus on over the year and they had AMAZING ideas!! Here are just a few of the great ideas for themes that they suggested:   People who help us - fire station, police station, doctors surgery, hospital, school   Things [...]

Class 2 become investigative scientists!

Class 2 investigated which materials were waterproof. We worked as a TEAM (together, everyone achieves more) to conduct a 'fair' test on tissue paper, fabric, paper and plastic to decide which material would be the best to make an umbrella.Lots of discussion took place:"I have noticed with the fabric that the water doesn't soak in straight away, you have to [...]

An Amazing, Aussie, Australian, Antipodean Adventure!!

​Classes 1 & 2 all took part in an Australian Day. We had a round-robin of activities such as Australian music, Aboriginal art, Australian slang literacy and building of the Sydney Harbour Bridge!Each child had their own favourite session, some loving being a kangaroo (including Mrs Turner), others preferring being an Architect!We remembered so many things that our visitors taught us [...]

More visitors to Classes 1 & 2 !

G'day! The 'ankle biters' in Classes 1 & 2 have been so lucky to have so many brilliant visitors coming in to talk to us about Australia. Isla from Class 4, tried to out-do her dad by continuing the Luhr tour of 'Down Under'! She did an absolutely amazing job with her prepared Powerpoint and table of Australian toys, information [...]

Darrin Luhr the ‘real life Australian’!

Classes 1 & 2 were so lucky today, Isla's Dad Darrin came in to talk to us all about life in Australia to help us with our topic.The children had prepared lots of questions to ask Darrin but also listened beautifully to him telling us all about the animals and from Captain Cook's voyage to having no central heating in [...]

Class 2 enjoy their annual wreath making with the National Trust

It doesn't seem a year since we last did this! Great excitement as we created some more lovely wreaths for the Christmas church decorations. A mixture of strong smelling pine, teasels, holly and ivy were used to create our masterpieces! I think the most excitement came with the snow, gold and silver sprays however.A very big thank you to Rob' and [...]