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Looking for inspiration for what to do on a wet weekend??

We've just updated the art and design page in our learning resources area, so take a look if you need a bit of inspiration for what to do on the next rainy day this half term!  

✏️ Independent Writing in Class 2 ✏️

On a Friday for the past couple of weeks we have been working with a book called The Train Ride. Today, the children tried to remember the story we had learned (using great actions) and make their own books...with a front cover. All of the writing was independent and we now have a class of fantastic authors 😀

More fantastic projects from Class 2

I was lucky to be in class 2 this morning and see 'explorer' projects. We heard interesting facts about the Interational Space Station and also Australia. Both boys spoke very clearly and the children asked some fantastic questions 😀  

Class 2’s Projects on Explorers…

"I really liked Henry's because he has a rocket and a volcano!" said Benjy "I liked Sunny's and I liked the Gecko facts," said Tess. "I liked Tess's because it has a great design" said Harry. Edie said to us, "I liked Roxie-Lou's because she had not one fact, but others all spaced out and underneath each other, so that [...]

Maths in Class 2

Class 2 have been very busy in maths, going round and questioning each other about favourite; animals, colours, toys, crisps and even dance routines?! We found out that his means we were collecting 'data' and we used this data to create pictograms.

Class 2’s ‘sick’ sentence…

We read a 'sick' sentence this afternoon that needed some attention. Instead of retelling what was in the picture, we worked hard to develop and extend the sentence. We hope you agree that this is much better! Here's our 29second long video: please click it!

It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas 🎅🏻🎄

On Friday Class 2 made Christmas wreaths with the National Trust. Thank you to Rob, Josh and Chris for coming in to school to work with us. 😀

Class 2 Gifts!

​ ​Mrs Holbourn asked Class 2 to bring in any gifts they were lucky to receive when they were born to compare against the ones the Wise Men brought to Jesus. We were shown some beautiful gifts and even though we thought they would be completely different to those the Wise Men brought, there were some similarities: Edie: "Gold is [...]

So what are vertices? Ask someone in class 2😀

In class 2 we spent this morning learning all about 3d shapes and trying to use tricky vocabulary such as vertices, faces and edges to describe the similarities and differences. We found out that a cube and a cuboid have the same number of faces, vertices and edges but a triangular prism has less. We then had time to be [...]


"Houses, I mean Castles, with doors." "...that open the wrong way." "...that keep the baddies out." "How do you 'draw' them?" "The baddies might fall in the river." "Have we got some chains Mr.Thomas?" "How are we going to get inside it, to pull it up?"