Monday mornings are normally quiet but we had a few excited children at the back of the bus on the way to Arlington.
2014-09-29 09.39.56

Can you make out who they are?

Stuart then showed us the parkland and have us some history of the house.
2014-09-29 10.18.04

We then started on our leaf hunt… A field maple and a sycamore are quite similar!2014-09-29 10.19.36

A fantastic way of working out the height of a tree… Although, children are a little more flexible than me so I told them to walk a little further!
2014-09-29 11.01.51 2014-09-29 10.53.44

This tree is 160 years old. We worked out that 4 metres divided by 2.5 (open land, otherwise 1.5 for woodland) gives an approximate age of 160 years!
2014-09-29 11.41.03

Now is the sun up on the high most hill of this day’s journey…

On Isabel’s smoothie, this means it’s lunchtime!
2014-09-29 12.24.43

The rope course is really tricky!
2014-09-29 12.44.09

Josh helped us to make a tree back at the parkland.
There was the heart wood…
2014-09-29 13.16.38

There was the anchor root…
2014-09-29 13.17.37

There were the tap roots…
2014-09-29 13.19.50

There was the tap wood…
2014-09-29 13.21.31

There was the layer that brought the sugars back down…
2014-09-29 13.21.31

There was the bark…
2014-09-29 13.24.44

… And there was the bug that tried to gnaw it’s way through.
2014-09-29 13.26.09

On our way back to play some games we stopped off at the log house.
2014-09-29 13.46.42

We loved the grass on the roof!

Class 4: You’ve been working on what the nature area could look like. ย Has this trip and the photos given you any inspiration?ย 

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